Michael Genevro

What do you do for Symbiosys?

I joined Symbiosys 5 years ago when I met Stewart at my local coffee shop.

My background includes:

  • a degree from Stanford in History
  • 10 years teaching in elementary education
  • 20 years of project management, program management, people management and individual contributor work at Hewlett-Packard
  • 5 years of business teaching and career development consulting Here at Symbiosys

I do whatever I can to help our customers, our staff, and our partners successfully reach their business objectives. That amorphous role translates into project management, writing, software testing, process design and development, and management consulting. My personal goal at Symbiosys is to help build a great organization, along the lines of Jim Collins' research, an organization that lasts far beyond my time, an organization that deserves to last.

What do you like to do outside of Symbiosys?

Wow ... four children, two grandchildren, a wife, and aging parents. I am, as my father called me, "the rock of the Genevro family." Oh yes, I also find time to create 26 books on topics ranging from business and education career development to elementary school-level mathematics and local Silicon Valley photography.

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