Who We Are

Founded in April 2002, Symbiosys has expanded from South Africa, to the United States, and then to the United Kingdom. We currently have employees located from New York to California, as well as a budding development office in the UK.

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We have implemented projects for companies on three continents, serving more than 20 clients with over 50 multi-year project engagements. Our clients range from start-ups to large multinationals.

While every business is unique, the challenge of institutionalizing excellence is one we take seriously and we look for clients who share our passion for success. We are a dedicated, continually growing team, and we will always give our clients the personal attention they deserve. We want to establish a relationship where our clients know us, and where we work together to bring them the products and services they need, whether it’s a large-scale piece of software, or day-to-day IT support.

We are never satisfied with “good enough.” We constantly strive to improve both our knowledge and skills, so that we can bring the best service possible to our clients. We are on the cutting edge of development technology, and work to integrate new and emerging techniques into our products. We also take the time to train our team in effective workplace communication and productivity, so not only are we highly skilled, but we are efficient and enjoyable workers as well.

Meet the team

Stewart Belsham
Founder and Managing Member

Stewart Belsham is an IT entrepreneur with over 20 years experience consulting for both large and small corporations. He is the founder of Symbiosys, a 20 person consulting practice which has been offering technology services since 2002. More recently, he is a founder of Ramessys which is a digital rights management firm helping corporations protect proprietary data. He is passionate about building thriving, productive and inclusive teams of professionals.

Robert Laverick
Chief Technology Officer

Robert Laverick is the head of our development team, based in the United Kingdom. Rob is passionate about technology, both on and off the clock. He regularly tests his skills in various high profile hacking and security competitions such as HackFu and the Cyber Security Challenge UK.

Andrew McCarron
Software Engineer
Helen Laverick
Operations Manager
Project Manager
Software Architect
Marketing Strategist
Data Analyst
Trian Koutoufaris
Creative / User Experience Lead
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