Most staffing companies want to sell people into accounts, make a profit and then, ideally, have as little to do with the staff as possible, except for acquiring aformentioned profit as long as possible. They will tell you how much they care about their people, even going as far as referring to them as partners; but, in reality, they are body shops.

We get it, many of us having once worked for them.

In fact: we use some really good staffing companies from time to time to help us find people.

We, however, are different. We look to develop long term relationships with networks of the very best people we know. Every Symbiosys consultant comes with the backing of the entire company.

They are recruited to be:

  1. Self actualizing - People who want to succeed, and won't be happy (for long) unless they are part of a winning team
  2. No lone rangers - People who believe that their success is linked to those of their team 
  3. Continually learning individuals - People who are always looking to apply professional and life lessons into their work environments

Every consultant we present will have been:

  1. Recruited or at least vetted through the network 
  2. Reference checked and reported on (both the good and the bad) 
  3. Run through pre-hire personality tests to help assess their suitability for the job at hand. 
  4. Presented only after we feel that it is a great match for you (our client), Symbiosys, and for the consultant themselves.
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