Question : "What is the difference between theory and reality?" 
Answer: "In theory there is none."

Symbiosys Consulting has forged its reputation, consistently answering tough systems problems by balancing the theory (what is possible) and the reality of our client organization's infrastructure, readiness and budget. We are dedicated to our foundation approach, that :

"Systems are not software - they are the people, tools, data and processes needed to achieve an objective." We evaluate the current state of any system by evaluating each of those components in the light of their impact on the stated objective. Frequently, the temptation is to build tools (or worse, buy them) because it is easy. The concern we find is that without the other pillars of the pyramid, the solution tends to be sub-optimal (also known as failure). Whether we are evaluating a project or the suitability of a technology for our client, we will always look holistically at the problem space and ask these key questions:

1. Is there a sponsor with a vested interest in the outcome of the initiative (and skin in the game)?
2. Is there a compelling objective supported by clear deliverables?
3. Are the right people from the target user population and the delivery organization aligned to those objectives?
4. Does the team have the guidance and the right technology mix to accomplish those objectives?
5. Does the data support the outcome, or does it have to be 'massaged' in order to support the system?

Every one of these questions is a risk point for the project and only one of them is a computer problem; and, every one of these are reasons we have seen (and sometimes experienced) failing projects.

What you get from Symbiosys Consuting is realistic, cost-effective and seasoned experience. Our services are guaranteed. We are not happy unless you are prepared to give us a letter of reference, or repeat work.

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