Dynamically connecting 10,000 people together


Our clients, a large multinational, had a communications challenge: How to connect all 10,000 employees and contractors to both essential and informative information needed to be effective.

Although there was a corporate intranet, and other head-office support programs, we needed to be able to tailor the message to our staff. The legacy intranet wasn’t going to cut it

While the technology used (Frontier) is now legacy, the approach taken provides an effective model for employee engagement.

Our Solution

We managed to both retire, replace and mentor a new approach to employee communication. The real success was in the conversation that management were able to engage in with their teams. Through a set of workshops and one-on-one mentoring we were able to curate a live, ever-green environment with editors empowered and responsible to make sure each domain was well covered. We also syndicated content to several regional, language specific versions. Using open source tools, we were able to do all of this for a fraction of the cost of deploying a commercial solution.

Key Learnings

  1. It’s almost never about the tools, but developing a community of practice is key
  2. Simplify and then make even simpler
  3. Getting our content editors to be evangelists was key
  4. Making sure that the intranet was the first communication platform for senior management drive adoption
  5. Create multiple influence strategies to keep content evergreen, including peer mentoring
Stewart Belsham

Stewart Belsham is an IT entrepreneur with over 20 years experience consulting for both large and small corporations. He is the founder of Symbiosys, a 20 person consulting practice which has been offering technology services since 2002. More recently, he is a founder of Ramessys which is a digital rights management firm helping corporations protect proprietary data. He is passionate about building thriving, productive and inclusive teams of professionals.

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